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He was also a military general who contributed to the formation of the first Korean military power in Gwanggaeto, King Seongdeok. In this episode, we welcome his Gaya Army on the first-day-of-spring, to have a conversation with Oh-seong Yu, Kim Soo Ro, Dong-jik Jang, and Won-jong Lee. Oh-seong Yu: It’s true. We’ve heard about the Gaya Empire. And we’ve seen the Gaya Kingdom, too, but in history, there’s never been written a huge piece of work about Gaya. But, when we saw this Gaya army, we realized that they were a real army. We heard that there was no bigger Gaya kingdom. In the Gwanggaeto kingdom, there were 40 large kingdoms and there were 70 smaller kingdoms. Gaya was the biggest one, so it must have been a big kingdom. So, that’s why, we had an expectation. But, how big it was, it was hard to imagine. So, the first thing that we wanted to know was whether it was true that there was a Gaya army. Kim Soo Ro: Yes. It’s true. Gaya Army is a military force of Gaya kingdom. Gaya Kingdom is one of the first three Kingdoms in the ancient Korean history. Gaya Kingdom is different from Gwanggaeto kingdom. Gaya Kingdom is a territory that is separated from Gwanggaeto Kingdom. Gaya is actually a one big military force. So, there are no smaller force. The Gaya Army has 20,000 troops. And we’re talking about soldiers of Gaya. But, it was only a 20,000 troops. Because, the power of the Gaya Kingdom was small. And also, the military force of Gaya was small. So, Gaya Kingdom was not big. The more soldiers of Gaya Kingdom, the more a risk. So, this Gaya army was a small number of soldiers. Oh-seong Yu: Now, who is the leader of this Gaya army? Kim Soo Ro: It’s Kang Xi Hyun. The first one was Kang Xi Hyun. But, it was not the leader of Gaya Army. Oh-seong Yu: Oh, so the leader of the



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Serial Kim Suro Regele De Fier Online Latest

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