Our Adult Dogs

Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog
Kelly has a quiet, sweet disposition, and is a terrific mother. She knows we love her, and we know she loves us (and her puppies:). 
Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog
Lady is a beautiful Berner of Hungarian descent. We are so pleased to have such a sweet girl like her, and we're sure her pups would say the same! 
Purebred Standard Poodle 
Snowy is a happy, playful, strong Poodle. He can be found digging a hole, running in circles with a fellow canine, or lounging on his back in the yard. 
Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog 
Abby has a bright, cheerful smile, with a personality to match! Hard to beat her cheerful attitude. :)
Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog
Hella is a beautiful, strong girl. She is always alert, and has a heart that is as big as it is loyal. As a mother, not a single puppy escapes her TLC.  
OFA Certifications: hips, elbows, knees, heart
Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog
Katy's super-sweet disposition sets her apart from the pack. Her lovable smile rubs off on us when she nuzzles up to our side. This dear mother is never away from her pups for long. 
Bernese Mountain Dog
Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog
Ivy is a beautiful mother who waits patiently for attention—and will soak it all in when attention is given! She is bright, spry, and happy to lend a paw. 
OFA Preliminaries complete 
Mini Poodle
Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog
Tina is a quiet, sweet gal with plenty of muzzle-snugglin' love to go around. Her beautiful, bright markings and sleek, soft coat make her pure couch-cuddling envy. 
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog
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